Nassau Suffolk Lumber Saturday Closings

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The Single Most Important Trend for 2015

If you’re trying to predict the future, you might want to read this first

According to Tom Koulopoulos of Inc. magazine, for the next few weeks the Web will be littered with predictions for what 2015 will bring. But what if he told you that rather than trying to predict the future, you’re better off just building it?

Trying to Predict the Future

A bit cliche? Perhaps. But time and again he’s found that trying to predict the many forces shaping the future is like trying to predict a tsunami; your best bet isn’t hanging out on the shoreline to see if you were correct, but rather building the capabilities to withstand it and–for truly great innovators–to surf it.

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Are You Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?

The Importance of Online Word Of Mouth for Contractors

Word-of-mouth combined with online marketing work together to increase the quality and quantity of your job leads. According to Janet Blake, FastenMaster Communications Manager, it is crucial for you to embrace online media (website, social media channels) if you want to stay competitive and build your business.

Learn more about the importance of having an online presence…

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See New Products For 2015 and Save At The Habitat ReStore!

Habitat ReStore Delivery

Join NYC/LI NARI and the Habitat ReStore on January 15th  from 6:30 – 9:30 for a 2015 new product showcase!  All attendees receive:

  • $25 ReStore Gift Certificate
  • 10% off Discount Card
  • 20% off any purchase made that night

Click here for full details…

Be our guest! Contact Sharon McGovern if you would like to attend the meeting and learn more about becoming a member of NYC/LI NARI!

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The Secret To Pocket Doors’ Success

Pocket doors can be genius solutions for all kinds of rooms — but it’s the hardware that makes all the difference.

Pocket DoorPocket doors are particularly versatile architectural elements. They’re there when you need privacy and gone when you don’t. Selecting the actual door is a straightforward process — just pick something that suits the architecture of the house and be done with it. But picking the hardware — the pulls and tracks — is a much more detailed and nuanced process.

According to Houzz contributor Eric Weinholdt, here’s what you’ll want to consider…

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Need a refresher course on installing pocket doors?

Check out this video from Johnson Hardware!

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Happy Holidays from Nassau Suffolk Lumber

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Five Jobsite Products to Keep You Warm, Safe and Productive

Upgrade your jobsite experience with cool new products designed for increased capability and comfort.

Therma Cell Heated InsolesAccording to Laura McNulty of BUILDER magazine, the cold conditions of fall and winter can be tough on builders and contractors who spend a lot of time working outdoors.

Keep your feet toasty even on the jobsite with ThermaCell Heated Insoles, which use advanced heat sensors to maintain a consistent temperature that can be adjusted via a small wireless remote. The rechargeable batteries will provide heat for five hours per charge. The insoles are water-resistant and come in five sizes and can be trimmed to provide a custom fit.

Read on to learn more about the other products mentioned in the article…

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Nassau County Consumer Affairs Reinstates Home Improvement Industry Board

Commissioner_Madalyn_Farley_2011The local chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, NYC/LI NARI, led by Government Affairs Committee Chairman Ben Jackson of Ben’s General Contracting Corp., has worked closely with Nassau County Consumer Affairs Commissioner Madalyn Farley to reinstate the Home Improvement Industry Board. “I look forward to working with the industry to protect both consumers and licensed and insured business owners,” Commissioner Farley said.

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Houzz Shares ‘31 True Tales of Remodeling Gone Wild’

Drugs, sex, excess — the home design industry is rife with stories that will blow your mind, or at least leave you scratching your head. According to Mitchell Parker, Houzz editorial staff writer, if you meet a home design professional at a dinner party, don’t walk away. Stay put and you may hear some of the strangest, most entertaining stories you’ve ever heard. Like the one about an interior designer’s client who secretly fed him marijuana brownies. Or the client who wanted an underground tunnel just to drive his Hummer in. Or the client who wanted two toilets facing each other so he could share everything with his dating partners.

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