Happy Holidays from Nassau Suffolk Lumber

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Five Jobsite Products to Keep You Warm, Safe and Productive

Upgrade your jobsite experience with cool new products designed for increased capability and comfort.

Therma Cell Heated InsolesAccording to Laura McNulty of BUILDER magazine, the cold conditions of fall and winter can be tough on builders and contractors who spend a lot of time working outdoors.

Keep your feet toasty even on the jobsite with ThermaCell Heated Insoles, which use advanced heat sensors to maintain a consistent temperature that can be adjusted via a small wireless remote. The rechargeable batteries will provide heat for five hours per charge. The insoles are water-resistant and come in five sizes and can be trimmed to provide a custom fit.

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Nassau County Consumer Affairs Reinstates Home Improvement Industry Board

Commissioner_Madalyn_Farley_2011The local chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, NYC/LI NARI, led by Government Affairs Committee Chairman Ben Jackson of Ben’s General Contracting Corp., has worked closely with Nassau County Consumer Affairs Commissioner Madalyn Farley to reinstate the Home Improvement Industry Board. “I look forward to working with the industry to protect both consumers and licensed and insured business owners,” Commissioner Farley said.

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Houzz Shares ‘31 True Tales of Remodeling Gone Wild’

Drugs, sex, excess — the home design industry is rife with stories that will blow your mind, or at least leave you scratching your head. According to Mitchell Parker, Houzz editorial staff writer, if you meet a home design professional at a dinner party, don’t walk away. Stay put and you may hear some of the strangest, most entertaining stories you’ve ever heard. Like the one about an interior designer’s client who secretly fed him marijuana brownies. Or the client who wanted an underground tunnel just to drive his Hummer in. Or the client who wanted two toilets facing each other so he could share everything with his dating partners.

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Schlage Locks Brings Us a Step Closer to the Home of the Future

Whether you want to provide convenience and control with home security automation solutions, or keyless lock options that integrate with existing home monitoring systems, Schlage has you covered.

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Stay connected to what matters most

Nexia Home Intelligence

Be in two places at once. Unlock your front door from half a world away. Check on your pets during the day. Sit in a meeting and know your children are home safe.

Nexia™ Home Intelligence helps you stay connected to your home and the people and possessions you hold dear—all from a single app.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Nassau Suffolk Lumber

NSL_Thanksgiving_HoursThanksgiving is a time of year when we collectively reflect on what we are thankful for. At this time, we would like to take the opportunity to express our sincere thanks for allowing us to build a relationship with you. We truly appreciate your support and patronage. Best wishes for a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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Customer Communication is Key to Job Success

When your customers don’t feel you are properly communicating with them, they can quickly become angry or feel as though you are taking their business (and money) for granted. An unhappy customer can lead to a bitter experience for both of you.

According to copywriter and consultant Tess Wittler, one of the biggest pitfalls to contractors is communication (or lack thereof), and often it begins with your customer not fully-understanding the construction process. With the need for multiple drawing approvals, bids, material lead-times and inspections, jobs can be slow and complex, and while you know this process, your customers don’t, so it is important to take the time and care to fully explain it to them (and yes, do a little hand-holding along the way).

One way to improve communications is by creating content. Content, such as written documents, checklists, charts and videos, can help your customers understand the construction process better.

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What’s the best way to insulate a knee wall?

Knee Wall Insulation
Bruce Harley, technical director of Conservation Services Group in Westboro, Mass., and author of Insulate and Weatherize, responds: In this notoriously leaky and difficult-to-insulate area, both the insulation and the air barrier must be continuous to prevent outside air from moving freely through the knee wall and into the rest of the house. While fiberglass batt insulation is effective when installed properly, it won’t stop air infiltration, regardless of how much is added to the knee-wall cavity. Without a continuous air barrier, outside air can enter through soffit vents, wash through insulation, and flow through joist bays.

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ROXUL Installation

Trusted contractor, Mike Holmes has been using ROXUL products for over a decade for their fire resistance, mold resistance and sound absorption. Mike and his son, Mike Jr. walk you through an installation and explain why ROXUL is a product they trust to make it right.

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