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Shop, Donate & Save at the Habitat Suffolk ReStore

Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk opened the doors to it’s  ReStore to the public on September 04, 2002. The ReStore’s first “tag sale” response from shoppers was overwhelmingly positive.  The first ReStore on Long Island is not only raising money for building homes, but also providing low cost home improvement materials for people in our community and taking  perfectly good items out of the waste stream and putting them to good use.

Habitat Restore SuffolkReStore accepts donations of either new or very gently used building materials & supplies, appliances. These items are then sold to the general public usually at a 66% discount of the retail price. Continue reading ‘Shop, Donate & Save at the Habitat Suffolk ReStore’

Will Your New Home Still Be Standing in 50 Years?

Will Your New Home Still Be Standing In 50 Years?
You hear people say that houses just aren’t built the way they used to be, that true craftsmanship is a thing of the past. Is it true? Marilyn Lewis of MSN Real Estate  asked experts — a homebuilder, an engineer and two materials scientists — if new homes today match up to those built by our grandfathers, and their grandfathers. Their answers were surprising.

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How do you create a tighter building envelope and save time and money on the job site?

Check out this video on ZIP System® Roof and Wall Sheathing – if you are buttoning up framing the old fashioned way, it’s time to learn a few new tricks.

Siding color trends: Factors that influence color choice

James Hardie - Siding Color TrendsSmart contractors and remodelers realize homeowners want a project to reflect their unique style and taste, and that’s especially true when it comes to exteriors. Siding dominates the outside of a home due to sheer mass, and therefore the choice of materials, texture and design of a re-side makes a statement about that homeowner. The choice of siding color is equally important.

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How the Power of Suggestion Can Help You Upsell Siding

What convinces homeowners that spending more money on a siding job makes sense? Design

Steven Jones, owner of Tulsa Renew, in Tulsa, Okla., has an advantage when it comes to selling siding jobs: He installs them. Familiarity with both the product and installation particulars are among the reasons why Jones consistently sells a high-end siding job. Attitude is another. He sets out to develop a design for his clients that, he says, “is different, but not crazy.” Jones has found that difference not only sells, it upsells. He defines selling as “trying to get homeowners as much as they can afford for the best final experience.”

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James Hardie Exterior Design Center

James Hardie Design CenterThis unique house siding design tool allows you to mix and match a variety of James Hardie® siding products, ColorPlus® technology colors and textures to virtually create the home of your client’s dreams!

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NY Rising Housing Recovery Application Deadline is April 11th!

Do you have customers whose homes were damaged by Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene or Tropical Storm Lee?  The deadline to apply for financial assistance through the NY Rising Housing Recovery Program is April 11, 2014.  Download the flyer here.

Reach for the Sky!

Reach for the Sky with Creative Ceiling Options

Most ceilings are big, expressionless expanses of white. Why not offer your customers a few different ceiling options that highlight your creativity and set you apart from the crowded field of remodeling contractors? With so many affordable and easy to install options readily available, you can now give your client’s ceiling as much influence as their walls and floors. Continue reading ‘Reach for the Sky!’

Embassy Ceiling Tile Installation

Watch this demonstration showing an easy installation of Embassy Ceiling Tiles! And read the next post to find out how to set yourself apart from other remodeling contractors by suggesting creative ceiling options to your customers – like suspended panels from Embassy Ceiling. Contact us if you have questions.

Are Lumber Prices Set To Soar?

In our culture we like to super-size everything – from our meals to our drinks, even our storms. Now, economists – lumber experts in particular – have attached the adjective to the wood products market, referring to the current supply and demand conditions as a “super-cycle,” which could result in record prices for lumber and panel products in 2014.

The report, released by Wood Markets, “The Solid Wood Products Outlook: 2013-2017,” examines an overall tightening of the global timber supply base, but forecasts that it’s mainly in North America where scarcities will be felt. What has caused (or will cause) supply constraints? The answers are many and varied and reach back a number of years, setting the stage for where we are now. Continue reading ‘Are Lumber Prices Set To Soar?’