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Building Product Market – Why Choose Composite Decking?

That Question Has Many Answers

1.) Lasting Durability – Advanced technology results in deck boards with vibrant and longer lasting colors.

2.) Expanded Installation Possibilities – See previous article entitled “Design Elements Add Value For Homeowners & Your Business” for how to build herringbone, zipper decking and decking inlays with composite decking. Continue reading

Accessing Green Verification Reports

Building GreenStudies have shown that homebuyers are concerned with the environmental impact of home building. Therefore, it’s important to emphasize that engineered wood is primarily made from wood fiber from small trees grown from sustainable, second-growth forests, thus preserving large old growth trees.

A clearer example is the fact that less than 1% of engineered lumber is wasted during production. This is because of the elimination of defects like knots, wane, pitch pockets and twists. Also, wider on-center spacing of engineered lumber joists enables fewer materials to be used on a project. And the “I” configuration of wood I-joists reduces the wood fiber required in a residential floor system by at least 50%. Continue reading

Greening Up A Kitchen Remodel

Building GreenRemodeling a kitchen with an emphasis on going “green” means looking at everything from floor to ceiling, and all the details in between. It’s not just about choosing Energy Star appliances, although that’s certainly part of it. 

Consider all possibilities for daylighting and choose energy efficient ambient lighting; when installing recessed lighting, be sure the fixture is sealed air-tight. Install LED task lighting, and save energy by installing dimmers and multiple switches.

Choose high R-value insulation that is resistant to moisture; install a vapor barrier to prevent rot, and reduce air leakage with good infiltration reduction practices. Insulate walls between rooms, too. Continue reading