Passive Solar Energy Window Design

After you’ve selected the most energy efficient window for the money, how do you further enhance the energy efficiency of your customer’s home? By designing a window system that is both aesthetically pleasing and thermally functional. Basically, you want to look at the house and all its windows as a system to collect and transport solar heat. During the winter, you want more direct sunlight, while in the summer you want to avoid excessive heat transfer. Selecting windows with Low-E glass and top-rated U-values is the first step, but you can enhance a homeowner’s comfort (and your reputation) with careful window design. Design in as many windows as you need, but no more. Place them in regard to compass orientation and climate. Provide an adequate overhang, depending on exposures, but particularly on the south elevation. Don’t forget the ventilation function of windows, especially roof windows. Click here for more information.

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